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Using GoAccess to analyze Caddy logs

2023-10-10 Blog GoAccess 412Linux
I was looking for a tool to analyze the Caddy logs for this blog. I ran across a Reddit comment suggesting GoAccess. I have outlined my setup experience using the tool. Overall, I have found the tool to be informative with a well done presentation of data. Setup Logging in Caddy If you haven’t already done so, access login will need to be enabled on the server. I found this article to be helpful. Continue reading

Adding Mastodon Feedback

2023-10-04 Blog Tutorials 412Linux
I have been following the idea of having Mastodon/Activitypub powered blog comments. While the theme I currently utilize doesn’t have this ability, I am going to dip my toes into this concept. For each post, I am going to add a corresponding Mastodon post for further discussion. I am not looking to get into the business of moderating blog post comments on a separate platform. I expect this will provide an easier method for people to supply their “Um, but actually” feedback. Continue reading

Using Home Assistant to troubleshoot ISP issues

For the last 19 years, I would consider our ISP to be reliable. Outside of weather related issues, we have had only two outages which I can recall. That all changed about a month ago. We started to experience small outages which became more of an issue. As I run my own equipment, I started performing diagnostic. I quickly came to the conclusion the issue resided with the ISP. I pulled on my big person pants, took a deep breath, and called the ISP. Continue reading

Beelink SER6 7735HS Non-functioning DisplayPort

2023-08-09 Hardware 412Linux
While setting up my BeeLink 7735HS, I found the DisplayPort would not present a screen on my monitor. While this worked perfectly on my previous setup, I figured it had to do with the HDMI to DisplayPort cable I was utilizing. I switched the cable and found the issue remained. While performing the standard internet search, I ran across this article which suggested the issue may be related to the supported version of DisplayPort for the cable. Continue reading

My first look at the Beelink SER6 7735HS

2023-08-06 Hardware 412Linux
I was recently in the market for a new desktop. For the past 5+ years, I have been using my Dell XPS developer edition as my main desktop. As much as I love my XPS laptop, it had become a burden to dock and undock from my office setup. After giving it some thought, I wanted a small desktop that I could use as a home base and continue to use my XPS laptop when not at home. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Home Server!!

My little home server turned 10 years old 🎂…. and I forgot to celebrate 🙁. 10 years ago I put a not insignificant amount of time and money into this little home server. First, I had to decided if I was going to purchase a completed device from a retailer or piece one together. Ultimately, I decided going on the bare bones Shuttle route as it allowed the necessary configuration while already having some base work completed. Continue reading

Updating Prusa firmware on Linux

2023-06-04 3dprinting 412Linux
Periodically, I need to update the firmware on my Prusa MK3. Overall, the process is straight forward using the functionality built into Prusa slicer. However, there is one additional step that is required when using my Linux desktop. On my setup, it is necessary to change the permissions on the serial port being used to connect to the printer. I have included command I utilize to change permissions along with some additional information. Continue reading
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