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Gitlab double upgrade

2023-12-07 gitlab 412Linux

Due to life circumstances, I had neglected my home Gitlab instance. I logged in the other day to perform some “quick” maintenance. Unfortunately, I found that I was more behind than expected. So much so, that I would need to perform a double upgrade of Gitlab going from 16.1 to 16.3 then ultimately to 16.6. After running a gitlab reconfigure, I found the Let’s Encrypt certs required an update. After making the required DNS and firewall changes, I was able to complete the necessary cert updates. Once the Gitlab reconfigure completed successfully, it was onto the Gitlab upgrade.

–In order to upgrade to a specific version of Gitlab, the following command was utilized. This upgraded my Gitlab instance from 16.1 to 16.3.

apt-get install gitlab-ce=16.3.6-ce.0

Once the upgrade to 16.3 completed successfully, I was able to proceed to upgrading to 16.6 using apt upgrade without issue. While none of this was groundbreaking information, it is something I had not encountered and wanted to document. I also wanted to tip my hat to the Gitlab team that made this process incredibly easy. When I first attempted the upgrade from 16.1 to 16.6, I was presented with easy to consume information as to why the the upgrade couldn’t proceed. I appreciated not having to tail into random log files to determine next steps. Great job team!

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