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Adding Mastodon Website Verification

In order to be ‘cool’ like the other kids, I wanted to add website verification to my Mastodon account. Luckily, this won’t cost $8 a month. 🤣 Outline below is the process I went through to add website verification.

Validate hugo theme functionality: It is necessary to validate the theme being used supported this functionality. For the Bilberry theme, PR #445 added rel=me support to the theme. This was included in release v3.14.0 of the theme.

Add configuration to config.toml: These was an existing entry for Mastodon in the social links. The configuration required the addition of , rel=“me” as outlined. Config.toml: Configuration

Configuration Mastodon profile: For website verification, the profile metadata was adjusted as outlined below.
Mastodon profile: Configuration

All Done: Once completed, check the Mastodon profile to validate success.

Mastodon profile: Validation