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Adding Mastodon Feedback

2023-10-04 Blog Tutorials 412Linux

I have been following the idea of having Mastodon/Activitypub powered blog comments. While the theme I currently utilize doesn’t have this ability, I am going to dip my toes into this concept. For each post, I am going to add a corresponding Mastodon post for further discussion. I am not looking to get into the business of moderating blog post comments on a separate platform. I expect this will provide an easier method for people to supply their “Um, but actually” feedback.

For now, I will supply a Mastodon link for each blog post. This will allow people to submit their “You’re a fool” feedback. I will re-evaluate as required. If this progresses successfully, I will work to upstream some feedback to my theme.

Resources: Here is a post I reviewed on the subject from @cassidy@blaede.family

Mastodon Discussion post