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Library eLearning solutions

2024-01-29 Elearning 412Linux

In my city, we are incredibly fortunate to have an awesome library system. Libraries today provide a great many diverse services for the community. I wanted to highlight one of the electronic services that can be overlooked. eLearning! In addition to typical services, some Libraries offer eLearning solutions to the community for free. My local library offers Udemy while others offer solutions such as LinkedIn learning. These services can be invaluable for community members who are looking to gain valuable skills. I am personally using my libraries Udemy solution to gain expertise in a few cloud solutions. If you are looking to explore eLearning solutions, don’t forget about your local library.

What if your local library doesn’t offer these solutions? Some libraries offer access for non-residents for a low cost. Searching the internet for non-resident library access will provide several options to explore. For example, the Queens Public Library offers out of state cards for $50 per year. This is certainly cheaper than the $240 it cost for a year of LinkedIn learning. Plus the money goes to support the library!

Don’t be afraid to explore your local, or remote, library. Keep curious and always be learning.

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.” ― B.B. King


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