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Beelink Mini S12 Performance

Thus far, my journey with the Beelink N100 mini PC has been fantastic. Intrigued by its performance capabilities, I embarked on a quest to evaluate its CPU prowess in comparison to other available processors at my disposal. To maintain simplicity in my assessment, I opted for the null output functionality within ffmpeg. Selecting a file from Netflix’s open content, I harnessed its data for my analysis. Below, you’ll find both the link to the file and the command I employed. Throughout this process, I monitored system performance by concurrently running btop alongside the execution of ffmpeg. This approach ensured optimal CPU utilization and provided valuable insights into the overall system performance.

The outcomes yielded by the evaluation were somewhat expected yet insightful. The Beelink N100 outperformed my N5095 device but fell short of matching the performance level attained by my Ryzen 7 setup. Interestingly, its performance closely mirrored that of my XPS 9370 laptop. For those interested, a Geekbench, v6.2.2, was executed on the N100 prior to the removal of windows. The N100 device scored 1224 single core, and 3071 multi-core numbers.


Device CPU Time (Seconds)
Beelink SER6 Ryzen 7735HS 77
XPS 9370 i7-8550u 190
Beelink S12 PRO N100 211
Beelink Mini-S N5095 331

CPU test using ffmpeg

time ffmpeg -i Chimera-2397fps-AV1-10bit-1920x1080-3365kbps.obu -f null -


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