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Happy Birthday Home Server!!

My little home server turned 10 years old 🎂…. and I forgot to celebrate 🙁.

10 years ago I put a not insignificant amount of time and money into this little home server. First, I had to decided if I was going to purchase a completed device from a retailer or piece one together. Ultimately, I decided going on the bare bones Shuttle route as it allowed the necessary configuration while already having some base work completed. I purchased a quad-core I5-2400, 16GB RAM, PCIE dual port NIC, and 2 spinning rust hard drives. I put it together one evening on the dining room table while my infant child was sleeping away in a swing. Over the years, I upgraded the RAM to 32GB. I also upgraded the hard drives to 4 of various speeds and capabilities. Currently, there are 2 spinning rust hard drives and two SSDs. Heck, I think one the drives is an old SSHD which was supposed to combine the performance of SSD with the capacity of a hard drive. Overall, I have been extremely pleased with my choices of hardware and dependability of the device. Happy birthday little buddy.