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N100 Media Serving Efficiency with Quick Sync

In my quest to optimize media serving capabilities, one feature that stood out for testing was Quick Sync, particularly its hardware acceleration potential. I embarked on a comparison between Jellyfin and Emby, evaluating the efficacy of Quick Sync and its impact on system performance. Utilizing a sample of media encoded at 2160p via x265, I conducted several tests, the results of which are presented in the accompanying charts. Without Quick Sync enabled, the CPU resources of the system were pushed to their limits. Continue reading

Beelink Mini S12 Performance

Thus far, my journey with the Beelink N100 mini PC has been fantastic. Intrigued by its performance capabilities, I embarked on a quest to evaluate its CPU prowess in comparison to other available processors at my disposal. To maintain simplicity in my assessment, I opted for the null output functionality within ffmpeg. Selecting a file from Netflix’s open content, I harnessed its data for my analysis. Below, you’ll find both the link to the file and the command I employed. Continue reading

Beelink Mini S12 pro first look

Recently, I took the plunge and acquired the Beelink MINI S12 Pro, primarily driven by my curiosity about the capabilities of the N100. As an avid enthusiast of all things tech, I saw this device not only as a potential infrastructure and testing hub for 412linux but also as a promising candidate for serving as a home media server. Having had positive experiences with Beelink devices in the past, I embarked on this journey with high hopes and eager anticipation. Continue reading

OPNsense DHCP migration to Kea

2024-03-01 Opnsense 412Linux
With the 24.1 release of OPNsense, Kea has become the preferred DHCP server. The previous DHCP solution, ISC, has reached end of life as of 2022. To be honest, I didn’t read the release notes prior to upgrading so this was a surprise. My configuration was not overly complex. I had 3 vlans configured with various DHCP reservations for each vlan. Based on my configuration , I felt it was best to just re-create the scopes in Kea rather than using a migration tool. Continue reading

VMware and Broadcom thoughts

2024-02-14 Vmware 412Linux
I wanted to pivot a little and reflect on the VMware and Broadcom deal. Since the deal closed in November, details have been steadily emerging as to how Broadcom will reshape VMware. There have been a number of announced changes to the VMware product line, licensing, and costs. Not all of the changes have been received positively by existing customers. Existing customers are now receiving new quotes on renewals with pricing that may not reflex their existing budgets. Continue reading

Library eLearning solutions

2024-01-29 Elearning 412Linux
In my city, we are incredibly fortunate to have an awesome library system. Libraries today provide a great many diverse services for the community. I wanted to highlight one of the electronic services that can be overlooked. eLearning! In addition to typical services, some Libraries offer eLearning solutions to the community for free. My local library offers Udemy while others offer solutions such as LinkedIn learning. These services can be invaluable for community members who are looking to gain valuable skills. Continue reading

Atuin - Magical shell history

2024-01-10 Atuin 412Linux
In episode 10 of the Linux Matters podcast, they mentioned a project that creates a magical shell history called Atuin. So I decided to check it out. Setup was easy and the documentation provided all of the required information to get started. I have been using Atuin for about 4.5 months. I can now say that it is one of my go to applications on both my daily driver and ancillary devices. Continue reading
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